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IT Support Services in Dubai for Small to Mid Size Businesses

Downtime is a profit killer. At Quick Fix Dubai IT Support Services, we recognize that in order to maximise profitability, your company’s IT has to be up-and-running. That’s why we provide Comprehensive IT support Services to small and mid sized businesses in Dubai. Our IT Support Services are delivered in an affordable, monthly rate based on the hardware you have in place. Take advantage of optimal uptime and experience for yourself the benefits that Quick Fix IT Support services present to businesses like yours in Dubai.

Different organisations have different network IT support needs. You may be a mid-market business with internal IT support staff, but you need extra help with an Exchange migration.

Or perhaps you’re a small business with no budget for full-time IT Support Staff—but nobody in the office can send email.

This variety is why Quick Fix Dubai brings you 3 IT Support Service choices in dubai  – each tailored to your business’ specific IT Support needs. From day-to-day maintenance to after-hours “the whole network is down!” IT support.

Desktop IT Support services include:

  1. Email account configuration and troubleshooting
  2. Troubleshoot hardware incompatibility issues
  3. Virus, RootKit and Spyware removal and protection
  4. Imaging and replacing hard drives
  5. Installing network or dedicated printers/multi-function printers
  6. Operating system upgrades
  7. Configuring new laptops and desktops

With 19 years of experience, we’ve just about seen it all. If you come up against an issue that you haven’t encountered in the past, chances are we have.Our IT Support services in dubai include these advantages as a result:

Desktop issues are sometimes the first sign of network issues. Our IT Support division regularly installs, supports, and recovers corporate servers.

Few things shut a business down faster than a network crash. When servers start to blink off and people begin to scramble, finding out what’s happening – and fast – is the #1 priority.

In order to do that, the network problem must be diagnosed. Found and fixed, in other words.

Quick Fix Dubai Network Diagnostics search through your network methodically. We’ve been a service provider for years, so we know where and in what order to search for issues.

  • The Internet Connection
  • File/Email/Application Servers
  • Server Programs
  • Networking Components (routers, switches, gateways)
  • Cabling
  • User PCS

Yes, even one basic PC can cause a network to crash. 

If one of your servers went down, how long could you go without it?

Not that long, if your company’s like most others today. Our servers run almost every business function now – email, file storage, security, backups, websites, bookkeeping, office management. Lose one, work pace slows to manual speeds. Lose more than one and you’re looking at a potentially-crippled business overnight.

Your servers are all up-to-date, secure and well-maintained right?

If you’re not sure, call Quick Fix Dubai IT Support Engineers, Installing and maintaining servers is something we are doing every day.


Let’s start with an answer to the most common question about wireless. Yes, a wireless network can be secure. It all depends on the hardware used to set up the network, and what safeguards are put in place.

For example – Quick Fix Dubai uses Cisco wireless routers and access points. And we recommend them to all clients. Why? Because their hardware is the #1 rated in the world for reliability. If you have reliable wireless network hardware, you have a secure wireless network.

New office? Need a network up fast without a high setup/hardware cost? Go wireless with Quick Fix Dubai. Our engineers will set up a Cisco network and make sure all your PCs are secured.


Support for email servers needs extra caution. After all, these servers contain & send thousands of critical messages every day. When they slow down or fail, they could take your whole business with them.

How (and Why) We Support Email Servers

What’s covered by Quick Fix Dubai Email Server Support?

  • Repairing Failed Exchange Servers
  • Verifying Backups
  • Fixing Email Slowdowns/Disruptions
  • Correcting Outlook 2010/2013 Failures
  • Cleaning Out Spam/Virus Infections

Newer operating systems and applications have been developed to take advantage of faster processing powers that are only available in newer hardware technologies. Whether your organisation needs desktop support to upgrade operating systems on individual workstations and servers or migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, Quick Fix Dubai IT Support Team can help. Our computer consultants will work with your Organization to create an optimal upgrade and migration plan that will streamline the transition from old to new with minimal service interruption.

Like spam, spyware is a lingering problem in the technology world. While spyware is not a virus, and usually doesn’t try to sell you things, it’s still a threat to every business for one reason: it tries to violate your privacy.

Spyware programs are written to quietly gather information – your information. Some programs will just sniff through a single computer; those are relatively harmless. Others will zero in on major servers and siphon off anything they can find.

There have been reports of major companies who lost control of their proprietary software when a spyware app got into their servers. It copied everything there and sent it all to the spyware program’s creator. Now the company can never get their software back under control. Their patents are gone.

Protecting your network from viruses and other malware attacks is easier these days. But it’s still possible for something nasty to get in. Viruses have evolved too.

You’ve probably heard of “phishing” attacks. And everybody knows about spam. The same technology can, for the most part, handle them all. But why the differences? What’s the reason to create things like phishing attacks if viruses are out there? Why use spam if you can use a virus?

Because each has a different goal once it gets inside your network. Their goals range from a minor annoyance to business-screeching-to-a-halt serious.


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