Onsite IT Support Services in Dubai for Business & Home

What Kind of Support Does Your Business Need?

Different organizations have different network support needs. You may be a mid-market business with internal IT staff, but you need extra help with an Exchange migration.

Or perhaps you’re a small business with no budget for full-time IT help—but nobody in the office can send email.

This variety is why Quick Fix Dubai brings you 3 Support Service choices – each tailored to your business’ specific IT needs. From day-to-day maintenance to after-hours “the whole network is down!” support.

3 Support Services to Choose From: SLAs, On-Call Support, and Emergency/After-Hours Support

Remote IT Support Services - Quick Fix Dubai

IT Support AMC

Regular Support Every Month Could your business use a complete support team…for less than the cost of 1 full-time employee? That’s what a Quick Fix Dubai SLA gives you. SLA stands for “Service Level Agreement.” It’s a monthly contract that dedicates a set number of hours a month to your company at reduced rates. Use those hours for any of the support services listed in the “Examples” below. With an SLA, Quick Fix Dubai technicians and engineers can be your IT department or augment your current IT department. Use your SLA for server maintenance and backup checking, desktop support, and to cover a specific support need that doesn’t require full-time focus. For one monthly fee, you have any type of network support your business needs. At 20-50% less than the cost of one full-time staff member.

On-Call Support

An Enterprise-Grade Help Desk Available When You Need Us Immediate access to our support team, by phone or in person. When your users call us, they’ll have their questions answered promptly. Our support team takes the uncertainty out of dealing with IT problems. You have two choices for On-Call Support:

Phone Support (plus VPN). Support by phone, with the option of logging into your network remotely If time is of the essence, this is the support option for you. There’s no travel time involved, so your issue is resolved faster at lower expense.
On-Site Support. Our engineers visit your office to repair systems, upgrade, or troubleshoot. For those issues where phone support isn’t enough. Our Support Team will come to you, troubleshoot the issue, explain what happened in case there’s a way to prevent it happening again, and let you get back to work.

Emergency/After-Hours Support

Available 24/7 IT problems don’t stop at 6 PM. If you have an IT emergency, call us and we’ll provide support right away. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. *No contract is required for Emergency Support. Examples of Support You May Need Help With

  • Regular Maintenance for computers, Network HW & Servers
  • Software Assistance: Installation & Configuration
  • data transfer/conversion
  • Email Issues
  • Printer Problems
  • Internet Connection Trouble
  • Telephone Systems/Voice over IP
  • Server Crashes
  • Training Employees on New Software
  • Moving Equipment
  • Running Network Cabling
  • Network Management
  • Computer Upgrades/Replacements
  • Antivirus Configuration
  •  Removal Security Updates/Testing

If you need help right now, call our IT Support in Dubai at +97156 6623512!