Website Migration Services Dubai

Thousands of businesses are looking to migrate their website every single year. Whether it’s due to a specific platform feature, better hosting, moving from subdomain to main directory, or CMS preference – the chances of you needing to manage the transfer of content from one website to another are quite high. The tricky part is actually doing the migration properly, that’s where we come in


What Exactly is a Website Migration?

A website migration involves moving an open source CMS install from one server to another without disrupting (aka breaking) the sites functionality. To put it very simple it involves creating duplicates of an entire site in order to install it elsewhere. This is done through a process of exporting, importing and creating backups of your FTP’s. The backup acts as a safety net in case something goes wrong with the import and export.

How we can help

Our Web developers are highly skilled at website development & migration. Our CMS of choice is always WordPress but we’re also skilled in Drupal & Joomla, so if you’re looking to migrate your website to any of these Open Source CMS platforms, we’re here to help.Our website migration service is a comprehensive process that involves our Web Developers and SEO team, so you have peace of mind it will be done right.

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Why You should Invest in a Professional Website Migration Service

If you don’t have the know how, skill or time to manage this process yourself or you simply don’t feel comfortable playing around with your own website (which we think is totally fair enough), Our professional Website migration service can help streamline the process in a stress free, and safe guarded environment. It’s simple, affordable & convenient. So if you need an agency you can rely on to do the job efficiently, you can rely on us!