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Having Our IT Solutions in Dubai for your IT systems to keep it up and running is vital to the efficiency of every type of business, from sole traders to multinationals. The complexity of modern installations makes it complex to maximise uptime, even businesses with in-house IT staff sometimes need help in sorting out issues. That’s where we can help, a systems management contract of IT Solutions in Dubai can be designed precisely to meet your business objectives, with Service Level Agreements designed to deliver the cost-effective support you need. For more information about systems management and maintenance just call us.

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For SMEs In Dubai Our IT AMC Support provides all of the benefits of a fully resourced IT department but without the cost and headcount implications. Our affordable IT support and Annual maintenance contracts (AMC) have Service Level Agreements (SLA) tailored to our clients’ needs, for complete peace of mind. We provide regular routine services including maintenance, file back-up, system optimisation and equipment assessment, along with online and telephone help-desks if needed.

IT is at the operational core of most businesses these days and system downtime can cause major issues. Our systems management service reduces the risk of failure by proactive management of your IT resources, with regular reviews of installed equipment and software. Where appropriate, we will recommend updates of hardware, operating systems, software, drivers and firmware, as well as identifying potential security issues. This will help ensure peak network performance and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

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With contracted technical support with us, our experienced engineers and specialist technicians can be on call whenever you need technical assistance help. Using advanced technologies, including remote access and online diagnostics, we can identify the causes of issues and implement effective solutions. To find out how our technical support contracts can benefit your business, simply get in touch


If you have your own onsite IT SUPPORT team in dubai, they may need temporary help from time to time to deal with issues such as staff shortages or short-term overload. with our IT Solution Services we can provide seamless IT support to fill in the gaps for periods as short as a day, a month or up to a year in Dubai (for example to cover maternity leave).

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Make a smart choice and contact us to discuss your specific IT Support needs and we can tailor IT AMC contract based on it and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.