Proactive IT AMC Services in Dubai

Managed IT AMC Service

With Managed IT AMC, you get the peace of mind knowing that your IT equipment is in good hands. Once the contract is initiated, your account will be assigned to specific & Experienced IT technicians for on-going service.

It’s more than just remote troubleshooting – it provides proactive maintenance and reduced downtime.

Our Team of Highly Trained IT Professional will monitor, manage, maintain and troubleshoot all IT solutions deployed in your organisation. we are available 24×7 to provide assistance in case there’s a need to fix or update any of the deployed solutions.

This helps in cutting down on time and cost needed for hiring separate people in-house with specific skillsets for these tasks.

IT Services in Dubai for servers

Our IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services

Server Troubleshooting

If you are facing server issues that are seriously affecting your operations, then our IT AMC service will help you. We focus on resolving routine downtime problems with timely resolutions.

Hardware Upgrade

we've got tech experts on our side, who can make sure that any Hardware Upgrade is done smoothly and with minimal downtime

Software Installation

Software installation is performed by our professional IT technicians to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and includes all the support you need.

Remote IT Support

We provide Unlimited Remote IT Support to solve your issues in no time.

Onsite IT Support

We provide Unlimited Onsite IT Support to solve your issues Quickly

Cyber Security

Your business is important to us and we take the protection of it seriously. To that end, we put security measures in place to protect you against malware, viruses & other intrusive software.

How Does IT AMC Services Benefit Your Business?

Quick Fix Dubai provide IT AMC services in Dubai UAE for small to mid size businesses
Maintaining your IT infrastructure is important for any company or business because it ensures constant performance and keeps the data safe. Companies who invest in an annual maintenance contract get multiple benefits like:
– Optimized systems
– Reduced downtime or unplanned interruptions
– Better experience for customers

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Wireless Network installation in Dubai

IT AMC - Equipments Cover

IT Annual maintenance Contract covers all types of equipments that are required to run an enterprise smoothly, such as laptops, desktops, servers, printers, Scanners, PABX Telephone Systems, CCTV Cameras, Biometrics Devices, NAS Storages, Wifi Devices etc. The maintenance also includes remote monitoring and management services for these equipments. The contract can be signed for a month or year.

IT AMC - Core Features

Why Shake Hand With Us - Leading IT AMC Service Provider in Dubai

It is necessary to have a good IT maintenance contract provider to make sure that your IT infrastructure is maintained. We are the best IT maintenance contract provider in the market and we offer various services like Networking, Computer Repair, Apple Macbook Support, data backup, data recovery, PABX Telephone Systems Installation, CCTV  & Biometric Installation, Server & Network system optimization, Operating system installation and configuration, Cloud storage setup, Software installation and updates,Web hosting setup and management and many more.

We are one of the leading providers of IT annual maintenance contracts in the industry. Our team comprises of experts with years of experience in providing these contracts to our clients. Our team has been able to provide excellent services for all kinds of clients

We have been providing IT services for over 11 years in dubai and our experience has made us one of the most trusted IT companies in this field.

3 Easy Steps to get our IT AMC Services in Dubai

Step 1

Simply make a quick call to +971566623512 or you can fill up this IT AMC form.

Step 2

Our tech support engineers will speak with you about your company’s IT needs to make sure we have everything covered. and you will receive a no obligation quote.

Step 3

Confirm quote, Sign IT AMC agreement with us and make monthly payment and take benefit of unlimited remote IT support and onsite IT support from us. 

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Looking for IT AMC Help in Dubai ? Look no further. Contact Us Now, We are well-versed in delivering customised IT AMC services to businesses at a reasonable price.

IT AMC FAQs - Everything You Need to Know

IT Annual Maintenance Contracts are a type of agreement between an IT company and its client. They are designed to provide the necessary IT services for the client’s IT needs over a period of time. This service typically includes maintenance, support, and upgrades for all hardware, software, and network equipment.

A breakdown of what this type of contract entails is as follows:

– The contract should cover all hardware, software, or network equipment that the company provides to the client.

– The contract should cover all costs for repairs or replacements that are needed during the contract period.

– The contract should have a fixed price that does not change regardless of how many hours are worked by technicians or other staff members.

– The length of the contract should be specified in advance so that both parties are guaranteed to know the exact amount of time they will be committing to each other.

IT Annual Maintenance Contracts are a way for a company to ensure that their IT infrastructure is always up and running. They also provide a sense of security to the company in the event of an emergency.

Companies have to decide whether they want to take on the risk of not having any technical support or if they would rather have someone else take care of it, so that they can focus on their core business.

  • Comprehensive: – Includes all parts under services for repair or replacement
  • Non comprehensive: – Excludes all parts, only services to provide best possible repair.

The risks associated with not performing annual maintenance on IT equipment can be quite severe. For example, system breakdowns and power interruptions can cause a company to lose money and time. They can also cause damage to company reputation and data.

  • System breakdown – When the computer system or network crashes, it can take down an entire business.
  • Power interruption – A power outage can cost companies millions of dollars in lost productivity and revenue.
  • Data corruption – Damage to the database can lead to data loss, which is a major problem for large companies who rely on data to survive.
  • Data loss – Data loss is a major concern for companies who store their customer information electronically.

The most common components that need replacement during a routine inspection of IT Equipment are:

  • Hard Drives:
  • Memory:
  • Power Supply Units (PSU):
  • Fan Assembly:
  • Keyboard and Mouse.

we provide support for a wide range of tech – from Servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, wifi devices to IP phones and biometrics devices.

we offers both monthly and annual IT maintenance contracts. Once your plan is ready according to your needs and you’ve confirmed it, we will sign the agreement. All terms & conditions are clearly stated in the agreement document.

Quick Fix Dubai has various AMC contract options that are personalised to your business needs. Some of the IT AMC services provided under these agreements include unlimited remote IT support, where our engineers are available to chat with you via email, phone, or video conference. we offer an immediate on-site visit for emergency breakdowns. Every month you’ll get a report to show what’s happening with your IT systems and if changes need to be made. We provide preventative maintenance services which include virus removal, software installation, and hardware troubleshooting

Providing long-term, reliable support for our clients is one of Quick Fix Dubai’s top priorities.
• Use our 24/7 chat support or
• Call us on our Phone number
• Email us at @

As your business grows, you can increase or decrease the level of IT AMC work that we do for you. Feel free to call in and talk with a technician to discuss your needs in detail.

We take your data and security very seriously. Part of the IT AMC is using secrecy agreements to guarantee the safety of your critical data.

Every month, we provides a report on the the health of your IT infrastructure, Resolved Issues Summary and Backup History to the authorised Contact of your company.

Yes, we provide IT services and support in Dubai & across the whole of UAE for all of your office locations.