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Computer Hardware Upgrades

If you are experiencing some trouble with your computer, or you’re interested improving certain aspects of your Apple Mac, HP, Dell, Lenovo computer or laptop and would like to upgrade it, we’re here to help.

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Major Computer Hardware Upgrade Includes

Computer and laptop components that, when upgraded, tend to solve and improve drastically the performance of your technology device.
macbook pro ram upgrade by Quick Fix Geeks in Dubai

RAM Upgrade

More memory means larger applications will run faster, and more applications can run simultaneously without affecting the speed of the computer.Adding more RAM is one of the most common hardware upgrades for your computer or Laptop, from 4GB or 8GB 16GB sticks making your device run any program or application faster than ever.

SSD / Hard Drive Upgrade

Hard drives come in different speeds, and the faster the hard drive, the faster data is read, meaning a faster overall PC. Solid State Drives in particular offer high speed data reading but at a compromise of storage capacity.
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Graphics Card Upgrade

Enhance your computer or laptop with a better graphic card. There are many to choose from. A new video card will give you the power you need to game at the highest levels. Or, if you are into graphic design and video editing a more advance video card is a must-have upgrade

CPU Upgrade

Enjoy a speedy and efficient computer performance with a better CPU (Central Processing Unit)We can outfit your computer with a new processor to boost its power and abilities
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Before you run out and make a hefty investment in a whole new machine, let us outfit your computer or laptop with some upgrades to restore its speed, processing power and capabilities