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Server Management

If one of your servers went down, how long could you go without it? Not that long, if your company’s like most others today. Our servers run almost every business function now – email, file storage, security, backups, websites, bookkeeping, office management. Lose one, work pace slows to manual speeds. Lose more than one and you’re looking at a potentially-crippled business overnight. Your servers are all up-to-date, secure and well-maintained right? If you’re not sure, call Quick Fix Dubai IT Support Engineers, Installing and maintaining servers is something we are doing every day. So we know quite a few things about server maintenance.

Our Server Management Services include:

  • New Server Installations
  • Adding New Capabilities/Server Hardware Upgrades
  • Rotating Maintenance – Server logs piling up, service activation/deactivation, hardware performance checks, file
  • Active Directory – User management, database maintenance
  • Physical Moves
  • Security
IT Services in Dubai for servers