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Spyware Removal & Protection Services in Dubai

Like spam, spyware is a lingering problem in the technology world. While spyware is not a virus, and usually doesn’t try to sell you things, it’s still a threat to every business for one reason: it tries to violate your privacy.

Spyware programs are written to quietly gather information – your information. Some programs will just sniff through a single computer; those are relatively harmless. Others will zero in on major servers and siphon off anything they can find.

There have been reports of major companies who lost control of their proprietary software when a spyware app got into their servers. It copied everything there and sent it all to the spyware program’s creator. Now the company can never get their software back under control. Their patents are gone.

How to Combat Spyware

Don’t rely on your antivirus. They aren’t designed to combat spyware; many programs will slip by unnoticed.

To properly respond to spyware invasion, you’ll need three things:

  1. A reliable anti-spyware application.
  2. An enforced spyware-prevention policy in the workplace. Here’s some suggestions:
    • No “office forwarding” allowed
    • No personal email checking
    • Any software brought from outside the office must be checked by IT
    • Automatically delete “fun” emails or game offers
  3. Expert help when spyware turns up anyway. Quick Fix Dubai has protected business networks from spyware invasions since so many years.

Timing is critical with spyware – some programs can multiply like viruses. And they’ll grind your network to a halt if left unchecked.

If you suspect a spyware program has violated your privacy, don’t wait. Call Quick Fix Dubai IT  Support at +971566623512 for help.