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Your Online Search for best Macbook logic board repair center in dubai end here. As our service is quick, reliable and affordable. Our certified technicians will assess your macbook in no time and come up with quick no obligation quote. so you can get your macbook fixed quickly and get back to your business in very less time.

Macbook Fix Dubai

We can help fix your MacBook logic board either by replacing the faulty chips, capacitors, invertors or transistors etc.. or replace the full motherboard with a new one. Both this can be done at less than half the cost of the new MacBook. Get an expert opinion call / whatsapp us now +971566623512, +97142718199 and will help you decide faster.

What About The Data Inside Dead Macbook?

Another thing that comes to your mind is what about the data lying inside MacBook. What happens to that when you repair or replace the logic board?

 Truth is your data is safe in both the scenarios as the data sits inside the hard drive or newer SSD drive. Which should be accessible once repair or replacement is done. 

 However, if it happens that your hard drive has developed some issues of its own and is not accessible after the MacBook logic board repair or replacement then we need to diagnose your hard drive for problems. Click Macbook Data Recovery in Dubai to know more from the dead or non-accessible hard drive.

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Macbook Logic Board Repair Cases We Support

 Charging adapter shows green / amber light but no startup chime
• Screen dis coloration / no display due to faulty inbuilt GPU controller
• Liquid damaged MacBook logic board repair
• Broken charging connector repair and replacement
• Broken USB /HDMI/Thunder/Ethernet connector on MacBook repair

Why Should You Choose Us For Macbook Logic Board Repair ?

  • 100% Genuine Apple Parts
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • Quick and Reliable Service
  • Instant Assessment & Quote
  • Certified Engineers having more than 18 years of Experience
  • Free Pickup & Delivery
  • 90 Days Warranty for Repair