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Laptop Screen Repair

General problems when you need Laptop Screen Repair?

Broken Screen
Dead pixels
Cracked Shattered Screen
No Display On Screen
Dim Laptop Screen
Flickering Screen
Cracked or split bezel – the part of the casing that surrounds the display itself is called the bezel and you may find it has cracked or split. This happens most often when the laptop has been dropped, something heavy was dropped on the laptop or other rough treatment of the display.

For Laptop Screen Repair Estimates

You will need to provide us Manufacturer & Model# to provide an estimate for laptop screen repair.If you need assistance to find out your laptop manufacturer and model number give us a call now on 04-2718199, and one of our certified geeks will be more than happy to help you.We do offer a pickup, repair and redeployment option for home and business customers as it sometimes make sense to do extensive work at our technical shop, where we have more tools available to us.
We offer FREE diagnostics and estimate of repair for your laptop, However after diagnostics, if the customer declines to have the laptop fully repaired diagnostics fee applies for our time on your equipment.However, after diagnostics, if the customer authorizes the repair, diagnostics fee is waived. Just the repair cost is charged.
Our geeks are friendly and speaks plain English, they will tell you what is causing the problem and how much it would cost to repair your laptop or computer. Call us now for all brands and models of computer and laptop repair in Dubai at very affordable price.

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