Macbook Water Damage Repair Service in Dubai

Say you are having a business meeting with a colleague at Starbucks and suddenly the Water is spilled onto your MacBook. As a result making its way through the keyboard to the internals of your device. Making the keyboard sticky, hard to use or sometimes the problem is even bigger; your MacBook does not turn on.
If your macbook does not start after Water spillage. The first thing would be not to plug it in to the power adapter as this may further short circuit the motherboard. Macbook Water Damage is a serious issue, which needs to be dealt with precision and care. Only professionals know how.

macbook pro water damage repair dubai
Fast Onsite Mac Computer Support Quick Fix Dubai

Quick Macbook Water Damage Repair at Quick Fix Dubai

We can fix all types of Macbook Water damage issues and we will repair it within the shortest possible time. 

With a wide stock of spare parts and accessories, we can provide you a genuine quality replacement for your Apple Macbook. You can bring in your Apple Macbook to our repair center in dubai or ask for pickup service.

Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Price

Don’t give up just yet on your beloved MacBook. Our professional team has brought many liquid damaged devices to life. And also at a fraction of the cost you pay at the Authorized workshops. We at Quick Fix Geeks clean your logic board and keyboard to remove any corrosion or substance presence due to spillage and repair or replace any chip that has been busted as a result.

To know price estimate for your particular macbook Water Damage repair service kindly keep your MacBook serial number handy when you call us or you can directly sent it to us through Whatsapp on +971566623512 / +97142718199.

Coffee Spillage on Macbook Keyboard

Why Should You Choose Us For Macbook Water Damage Repair

Whenever you need macbook Water Damage repair service, Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. Rest assured that we use only 100% Apple Original Parts that Apple intends to use with their MacBook’s but at the same time paying relatively less in terms of price you pay at the Genius Bar and fast in terms of job delivery (1-3 days).

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  • Instant Assessment & Quote
  • Quick & Reliable Service
  • 90 Days Warranty for Repair