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Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service Dubai

Whether you need a full Macbook keyboard replacement or just need to repair some keys, you have reached the right place. MacBook keyboard replacement service is a special skill job and you should only trust professionals to do it for you.

Our trained Engineers who can take apart your entire MacBook to get to the keyboard and put them back without any problems along the way. First timers or novices handling your device can turn your day into a nightmare if anything goes wrong, putting your device and work at risk.

Same Day Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service in Dubai

No matter whatever issues you have with macbook keyboard we will fix it within the shortest possible time. 

 With a wide stock of spare parts and accessories, we can provide you a genuine replacement including top case, trackpad and bottom case. You can bring in your Apple Macbook to our repair center in dubai or ask for pickup service.

For further information regarding our Apple Macbook keyboard replacement for PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models just call us on 042718199 or forward an email to us at 


Keyboard Repair and Replacement for Apple Macbook Models

  • MacBook (Retina)2017 Retina, 12-inch– MNYF2LL/A, MNYG2LL/A, MNYH2LL/A, MNYJ2LL/A, MNYK2LL/A, MNYL2LL/A, MNYM2LL/A, MNYN2LL/A (A1534)
  • MacBook (Retina)Early 2016 Retina, 12-inch– MLH72LL/A (1.1 GHz), MLH82LL/A (1.2 GHz), MLHA2LL/A (1.1 GHz), MLHC2LL/A (1.2 GHz), MLHE2LL/A (1.1 GHz), MLHF2LL/A (1.2 GHz), MMGL2LL/A (1.1 GHz), MMGM2LL/A (1.2 GHz) (A1534)
  • MacBook (Retina)Early 2015 Retina, 12-inch– MF855LL/A (1.1 GHz), MF865LL/A (1.2 GHz), MJY32LL/A (1.1 GHz), MJY42LL/A (1.2 GHz), MK4M2LL/A (1.1 GHz), MK4N2LL/A (1.2 GHz) (A1534)
  • Mid 2010 13.3 inch– MC516LL/A (2.4 GHz) (A1342)
  • Late 2009 13.3 inch– MC207LL/A (2.26 GHz) (A1342)
  • Mid 2009 13.3 inch– MC240LL/A (2.13 GHz) (A1181)
  • Early 2009 13.3 inch– MB881LL/A (2.0 GHz) (A1181)

Why Should You Choose Us For Macbook Keyboard Replacement ?

We use only 100% Apple Original keyboards that Apple intends to use with their MacBook’s but at the same time you are paying relatively less in terms of price you pay at the Genius Bar and fast in terms of job delivery (2 hours to 1 day).

  • Free Pickup & Delivery
  • Instant Assessment & Quote
  • Same Day Service
  • 90 Days Warranty for Repair